Best Knee Wrap For Bakers Cyst

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A compression sleeve or wrap can help minimize the baker's cyst and allow for the body to reabsorb the fluid. Looking for the best knee wrap for baker's cyst? Look no further. Here we break down our favorite options to help you with your baker's cyst.

A baker's cyst is also called a popliteal cyst. The word popliteal refers to the knee region of a person's body. It is a fluid filled cyst and it is often the result of a knee problem like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, meniscus tear, or a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). When a person has one of these conditions, the knee join may start making excess fluid. This excess fluid production leads to cyst formation.

It is also important to not self diagnose a Baker's Cyst. Other more serious conditions that may look like a Baker's cyst include tumors, aneurysms, or a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Remember to always check with your doctor before trying therapies for medical conditions.

Best Knee Wrap For Baker's Cyst

Here are the top 3 choices for a knee wrap when you have a baker's cyst:

Knee Brace For Baker's Cyst

A knee brace is a good option when you have a baker's cyst. Immobilization can help relieve a baker's cyst, and the pressure from the wrap can assist with the body's resorption of the excess fluid. Your doctor may recommend a knee brace to help with this. The more rest you give the knee joint the more likely it is that the baker's cyst will resolve.

1. Compression Sleeve - This compression sleeve allows for equal distribution of pressure along the knee joint area. This can help push the fluid of the cyst out. It is also not too bulky and can be worn fairly easily.

2. Knee Brace With Hole - Depending on where the fluid is accumulating this knee brace may also be helpful. The hole located near the knee joint can allow for easy flexion of your joint. It is slightly bulkier but may be a good option.

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3. A cooling brace - This may provide additional relief as you try to expedite the resolution of the baker's cyst. This is also a bulkier product, but it may help with pain and discomfort control.

Best Knee Wrap For Bakers Cyst: Summary

A knee wrap can be helpful if you have a baker's cyst. Start with a simple compression sleeve to see if this may help to resorb the fluid from the cyst. Other options include bulkier braces, but choose the one that you will actually use and wear. Remember to always discuss any therapies with your doctor.


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