Postpartum Diapers: Best Options

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Postpartum diapers is probably not a term you thought you would be looking up. Well, diapers for postpartum bleeding and postpartum underwear can be really helpful for a person who has recently given birth. What many people don't realize is that there is a large amount of bleeding that follows the birth of a child and wearing diapers postpartum will make your life easier as you adjust to your new normal.

Vaginal bleeding happens to everyone after giving birth, whether you had a C-section or a vaginal delivery. When choosing the best adult diapers for postpartum, you should consider the fact that in the first few days the bleeding can be quite heavy so you will want something that you don't mind throwing away. After the first 10 to 14 days you can also consider using washable underwear with a maxi pad inside.

Best Postpartum Underwear For C Section

After a C section, most women are in a lot of pain. A Cesarean section is major surgery, and the pain afterward can be significant. You will want to purchase a high-waisted postpartum mesh underwear that goes several inches past your scar so that there's no concern for it rubbing against it. In the earliest days following delivery, use a thick pad with your mesh underwear to absorb as much blood as possible. Then you can switch to completely disposable postpartum underwear. We love Always Postpartum Underwear which you can use for the remaining few weeks. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will likely be able to just use your normal underwear with a maxi liner to absorb the remaining blood.

Best Postpartum Diapers For Vaginal Delivery

Essentially all of the choices mentioned above can also be used for vaginal delivery. However, since you will not have a scar from the C section surgery, you do not need to worry about having a postpartum diaper that is very high waisted. Remember that it will take time for your uterus to contract, so your belly will not be what it was before pregnancy. You should choose postpartum underwear that can easily be pulled up over the belly so it does not slide down.

How Many Postpartum Diapers Do I Need?

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You will need more diapers postpartum in the first few weeks than you will as you get to week six and week seven postpartum. In the first week, plan to have at least seven to ten pairs of mesh underwear. You can wash mesh underwear, but you will want to have several pairs handy so that you can always easily switch into a clean pair. After the first week or two, you can switch to postpartum diapers. You will likely need four to five diapers a day for the next ten to fourteen days, depending on your comfort level and how often you prefer to switch them out. It is a good idea to have about twenty to start and then purchase more if you need to.

Postpartum Diapers Vs Pads

When thinking about buying postpartum pads or diapers, it really depends on the amount of bleeding you are having. In the beginning, the bleeding is likely to be significant so mesh under and a large pad (which the hospital will usually provide) is a good choice. Once at home and moving around with your little one, postpartum diapers may be more convenient and comfortable. You should try both and see which works better for you. Remember that whatever you choose be sure that you change it frequently to stay clean, dry, and comfortable.

Postpartum Diapers For Mom: Take Home Points

Diapers postpartum can be very useful and there's no shame in wearing them. You don't have to worry about ruining your regular underwear and can easily dispose of the diapers when they become soaked. If you have had a C section choose a postpartum diaper. that is high-waisted. In the first week, mesh underwear is likely to be the most comfortable, especially for C section moms.

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