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Vaginal Skin Tags - What are they and how to treat them

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Vaginal skin tags are benign growths of skin made of loose fibers of collagen. These can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing when they appear in and around the sensitive area of the vagina. Skin tags can also contain blood vessels and usually can look like a mole, wart, or a piece of skin that is hanging loosely.

The proper diagnosis of any unusual skin lesions in the genital or vaginal area is a must. This is because the appearance of vaginal skin tags often gets confused with genital warts or other things which can be infectious or cancerous. Also, the places where vaginal skin tags grow are quite sensitive and need a proper diagnosis.

Causes of Vaginal Skin Tags

·         There is no certainty of why do skin tags appear, but some researchers suggest that people with human papillomavirus get skin tags.

·         The other risk factors which can cause skin tags include being overweight, due to pregnancy, or having diabetes and insulin resistance.

·         According to a 2010 study, most people with skin tags had insulin resistance. It also suggests that vaginal skin tags can also be related to a high body mass index.

·         Friction is another cause of vaginal skin tags. Friction from clothing or underwear under legs can favor the growth of skin tags.

·         During pregnancy, hormonal changes may increase the risk of developing vaginal skin tags in women.

Diagnosis Of Skin Tags On the Vagina

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Skin tags usually have no prior symptoms and are not commonly painful. But if they get caught in clothes or scraped while shaving, then it may cause skin irritation or infection. If you see any bleeding on the skin tag or if it is painful, then you need to consult a doctor.

Proper diagnosis of the skin tag includes a quick visual examination. A doctor can ask you to take a test for HPV if there are quite a number of skin tags near your genital area and they are concerned about genital warts. The doctor may perform a pelvic exam and may take a biopsy or culture of the tissue to check the growth out further.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Skin Tags

Vagina skin tags are loose and can be found in an area where the skin is folded or an area with dry skin. As they are usually harmless, if you don't feel any irritation and having it on your body doesn't bother you, there is no need for treatment if your doctors deems it harmless. But if it does bother you, you should consult a doctor for its treatment or removal. There are several ways to remove it safely from your skin.

Do not try to remove a skin tag at home as it can be dangerous and can cause infection, scarring, or bleeding.


Vaginal skin tags may occur in any woman of any age. Most of the time, these are harmless, but if you are concerned or it is bothering you, do consult your doctor immediately. Do not wait for the problem to grow or to turn into something serious.


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