Brooke Grant Jeffy, MD, FAAD

Dr. Brooke Jeffy is a board-certified dermatologist passionate about applying a wellness approach to skin health. She believes the skin is a reflection of overall health and combines medical dermatology, lifestyle approaches and skincare to create skin health for her patients. Her favorite condition to treat is acne in all ages and she loves teaching tweens how to care for their skin. Compassionate care in an approachable manner describes Dr. Jeffy’s practice style. Dr. Jeffy received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Louisville where she also completed 2 years of pathology residency followed by her dermatology residency. She is currently obtaining additional education in lifestyle medicine and nutrition. Dr. Jeffy currently offers her unique approach to dermatology care to patients in Phoenix, AZ and Louisville, KY. As an advocate for improving access to specialist care, Dr. Jeffy provides consultative dermatology services to those with limited access by working with primary care physicians. Dr. Jeffy is sought after advisor for various skincare and wellness brands. She is also the founder of btwn skincare, a product line and educational resource for tweens to help them get started with healthy skin and wellness habits. Dr. Jeffy loves being involved with femhealth as she is passionate about patient education and improving the quality of dermatology information on the internet. Dr. Jeffy loves hot yoga, vacationing in the mountains and watching storms over the ocean. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son and dog, Rory.
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