Mansi Kotwal, MD

Mansi Kotwal is a Pediatrician in Washington, DC. She completed her medical and public health training at the University of Arizona and residency at Children’s National Health System. After practicing for eight years in the Emergency Department there, she decided to pursue a career in Allergy and Immunology and is now a fellow at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. In addition to her interests in pediatric safety, injury prevention, asthma in inner city youth and the role of stressors and adverse childhood experiences on the immune system, she has a variety of global health interests including child trafficking, child labor and HIV/AIDS and has worked on a variety of projects and in clinics in India, Thailand, South America and Africa. She is passionate about advocacy and has been involved in several advocacy projects with the Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children’s National and routinely participates in AAP legislative conferences and lobbying efforts on the Hill.
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