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Did you know that there is evidence to show that listening to relaxing sounds can help you with your breastfeeding journey? Femhealth worked with physicians and lactation counselors to develop this original breastfeeding meditation that allows persons who are breastfeeding to use the power of visualization and sound to help with breastfeeding. And this resource is 100% free to download.

How to use this meditation: Play this as you sit down to feed or to pump. You will notice that the sounds progress from a small drip to an eventual large flow of water. It is helpful to close your eyes and visualize the flow of milk from the breast to the newborn.

Show me the data! The article below discusses how listening to music can help to relax persons who are breastfeeding and results in lower cortisol levels and there is also some preliminary evidence to show it may even help to increase milk production. What we know for sure is that this simple intervention has no risks to mom and baby and may be helpful to some individuals on their breastfeeding journey. Happy listening!

Source: Keith, D.R., B.S. Weaver, and R.L. Vogel. The effect of music-based listening interventions on the volume, fat content, and caloric content of breast milk produced by mothers of premature and critically ill infants. Adv Neonatal Care. 12(2): p. 112-9. 2012.

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Calculate your BMI

Calculate BMI for a woman using this simple and easy to use formula. Just enter in your weight in pounds and height in inches. If you want to use kilograms, then convert your height into centimeters.

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